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Permanent Cosmetics

Micropigmentation is the most natural, effective, and long-lasting way to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows!

This summer, Estilo Salon owner, Marie Rasmussen, and Estilo stylist, Katelynn Taylor, attended a Microblading training course. After receiving their certifications they attended a second course in September to learn a technique called Powder Brows.  Both courses taught by one of the pioneers in the industry, world-renowned artist, Tanara Burdick.  


What is microblading/powder brows you ask? 


They are methods used in permanent makeup.  It is the most natural, effective, and long-lasting way to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows.  The different methods are used dependent on skin type and desired effect.  


A micro-pigmentation session lasts 2-3 hours. We start by analyzing your bone structure and features to choose the most natural shape, color, and technique right for your skin. We study your skin's undertone to anticipate how colors will fade over time. The majority of our clients' cosmetic tattoos stay true to color. However, there are some cases where colors fade due to lifestyle or iron deficiencies. At your follow up visit, we will re-analyze how your body responded to the initial color and make changes, if needed, to prevent future color change.

Your comfort is paramount to us. A highly-effective, topical anesthetic ensures you remain comfortable the entire treatment. Most of our clients describe the procedures as only moderately uncomfortable.

Immediately after the treatment, you may experience tenderness, redness, and swelling. This will subside over the next two days. Your fresh pigment will appear darker than expected for the first few days and will gradually lighten.

Booking & Pricing

If you’re interested in these services contact us by phone or email.  We will then email you the documentation and forms that are needed to move forward in the booking process.

Microblading $600

Powder brows $700   


If desired consultations are $50, which will then be applied to the cost of your service! 



Client Packet

Must be completed prior to scheduling services

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